Patient & Family Rights

Patient Rights

The Rights of Patients

  • The individual shall have the right to prompt emergency first-aid treatment at the facilities.
  • Every patient will be treated with strict regard to decency
  • Every patient shall be treated with care, consideration, impartially, respect and dignity.
  • Every individual shall have the right to privacy during interview, examination and treatment by the medical staff.
  • Patients shall be chaperoned during any physical examination or treatment.
  • Children admitted to hospital shall have the right, whenever possible to have one of their parents or guardian, to be with them at all times.
  • A patient shall have the right to choose their own consultant whenever possible.
  • A patient shall have the right to second opinion on request.
  • A patient shall have the right to information about his condition, his investigations, the results of the investigations and have them explained.
  • A patient would be provided with information on likely costs of the treatment, investigation or procedure.
  • A patient who has adequate information about his condition shall have the right to accept or refuse treatment.
  • A patient shall have the right to clear, concise explanation, in common terms, of any proposed treatment or procedure and its alternatives. Information shall incorporate possible risks side effects, after effects and possible failures.
  • A patient’s informed consent shall be obtained before any procedure is carried out. In case of a minor, the consent shall be obtained from the parents or legal guardian.
  • All information shall be treated as confidential and not discussed with personnel other than those professionally involved.
  • A patient has the right to expect safe, efficient and prompt nursing are whilst in the facility.