From Ministry of Health Malaysia

We wish to remind that all cases of suspected or probable SARS have to be notified to the nearest health department as stipulated under Section 10(2) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act, 1988. The Ministry of Health SARS Operations Room has issued a specific notification form for this purpose. Notification of such cases should be made by phone or fax immediately (to be followed by a written notification in the prescribed form, if by phone) to the nearest health department. For WP Kuala Lumpur, the address and tel. nos are:

Jabatan Kesihatan WP Kuala Lumpur
Tingkat 2, Blok A
Kompleks Cenderasari
50590 Kuala Lumpur

Fax: 03-2693 8760
Tel: 03-2694 0701 samb.104 (Dr Ros)

Should you encounter any problem with the notification, kindly contact the SARS Operations Room as follows:

Tel No: 03-2694 6394; or 03-2693 8053
Fax No: 03-2694 4193

Admission Procedure: If you need to refer a suspected or probable SARS patient for admission, for WP Kuala Lumpur cases only, please refer to Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Putrajaya. For other States please refer to your nearest designated government hospital. Kindly print in BOLD "SARS REFERRAL" on the envelop and instruct the patient to report directly to the Emergency Department for admission.

If you require any further clarification on the above matter, kindly contact Ministry of Health officers or the SARS Operations Room as follows:

  • Dr Ang Kim Teng - 03-2693 8784
  • Dr Zainab Ramli - 03-2693 8803
  • Dr Rose Nani Mudin - 03-2694 0701 ext. 104

SARS Operations Room

  • 03-2694 6394
  • 03-2693 8053