The Asian Society for Quality in Health Care (ASQua) is a network of National Societies from the Asian region dedicated to the improvement of quality in healthcare at national and international levels. It was founded by a group of National Societies for quality in healthcare from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, India, Taiwan and the Philippines, under the auspices of ISQua.  It is committed to the achievement of its aims through collaborative action within the network and in association with other health and quality related individuals and professional organisations in Asia.

On October 2006, during the 24th ISQua International Conference, a special session for regional and national quality healthcare societies was held in Boston, USA.  The session was chaired by the then

President of ISQua, Dr John Helfrick and attended by Prof Dr Bruce Barraclough, Current ISQua President, Ms Lee Tregleon, ISQua Chief Executive Officer, Dr Kulaveerasingam, Board Member and Councilor of Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH), Assoc Prof Dr M.A.Kadar Marikar, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Accreditation Committee of MSQH, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Rana, Deputy Director, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) for India, Mr Santawat Asavaroengchai, Institute of Hospital Accreditation Thailand (HAI) and Dr Cathy Wung, Chief Executive Officer, Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation (TJCHA). Dr Kulaveerasingam made a brief presentation on the formation of ASQua which was well received by Dr John Helfrick and Prof Dr Bruce Barraclough. 

On 18th June 2007, a group of National Societies for quality in healthcare from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, India, Taiwan and the Philippines held its inaugural Pro-Tem Committee meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  As a result of the meeting, the committee members have agreed to nominate Malaysia as the pioneer country to be registered for ASQua.   The members have decided to nominate Dr Kulaveerasingam as President, Dr Ravindran Jegasothy as Secretary and Mrs Jasimah Hassan as the Treasurer.  The meeting also discussed in great length the formation of ASQua’s Constitution.

The composition of ASQua Executive Board Members for term 2013-2014 are National Members from TJCHA (Taiwan), NABH (India), MSQH (Malaysia), HAI (Thailand), Philippine Council on Accreditation for Healthcare Organisation (PCAHO), Japan Council for Quality Health Care (Japan), Indonesian Healthcare Quality Network (IHQN), National Centre for Health Development Mongolia (Mongolia), Institutional Members comprising of Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM-Malaysia), National Heart Institute Malaysia (IJN-Malaysia) and Individual Member, Dato’ Dr Ravindran Jegasothy (Malaysia).